Wine, Cocktails & a Cafe

As summer holidays draw to a close and the kids are desperate to get back to school perhaps the inevitable question : ‘is it wine o’clock yet?’ subside some what…… Or maybe not!!

This weekend has included a far amount of wine – especially Friday when I visited Soft Play at Bromley Pavillion. I usually hate these places given they are generally dirty, dark and have thousands of children screaming. If you try Bromley’s you may be happily surprised. Given that it is fairly new (re-opened earlier this year I think) its bright, clean (ish) and if you arrive early and pay at the main reception (rather than the one inside with a huge queue) you can be sat down in a prime spot before the masses arrive. It’s not the biggest soft play but then you don’t also wonder where abouts your children are all the time. If there is one point to improve I would say is to not charge for kids until they are 1 as lets be honest my 10 month old didn’t really utilise the centre!! I havent made use of the new Ten Pin Bowling yet but have heard good things about it like bumper up and down settings for each individual meaning a good contest with your other half still 🙂

Saturday involved a trip out for my friends surprise 40th in All Bar One in Regent Street which was cosy version of this chain and with the cocktail making class went down a storm. Informative and a laugh with some nice nibbles served whilst supping on our drinks – highly recommended!

The weekend concluded on Sunday where we took a family trip to Hilly Fields in Lewisham – what a gem of a park! We were there to watch the other halfs brother play cricket which meant my eldest and I could happily run up and down hills, play in the stone circle, climb adult and kids agility courses and have a gorgeous coffee together in the Pistachio Cafe. Locally sourced meat, locally baked bread and home made cakes – yummy. You could really feel it was a centre point of the community with notice boards of events and plenty of people enjoying the turn of Autumn.


Next dilemma – what to buy for the 1 year olds birthday seen as we have a house filled full of toys?! – Is it wine o clock yet??

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