Primary Schools already…????

So a lot of your little ones have just embarked on their first day at primary school. A lot of my friends (and his more importantly!) from Zachy’s pre-school have just started this transition but being an October born he has another year at pre-school to go, so whilst everyone was running around, getting uniforms, getting stressed, meeting teachers on home visits which they’d spent hours cleaning the house for – I was sitting pretty, chilling, enjoying the hols. Then in conversation with a friend – when are you looking at primary schools……? WHAT?!?!?! All of a sudden I can feel myself becoming the stressed mother I have just witnessed my friends become.

Thank god for mummy friends because I didn’t think to start looking at schools already – the kids have just gone back for goodness sake! After some online research I find my local and likely choice school is having an open morning as early as next week – good job someone told me. – Should there not be an advertising campaign – something in the post from the council/government to kick us mums backsides in to gear and warn us that this is where the stress begins. Making a good decision here (and not missing the open day!) is imperative to the start of our child’s education.

Needless to say I’m now all sorted and have all the schools open mornings in my diary. I’ve even started the registration online which is here for those who haven’t reached that stage:

So if you’re like me and haven’t realised this is your cue to get going 🙂

Good luck and keep me posted with your school visit/selection stories here. 🙂

Where’s that wine…..?!!

2 thoughts on “Primary Schools already…????

  1. Time really does fly! The whole admission thing seems to take forever and you don’t find out until about Easter which school you have got. It’s exciting times though, Jacob has just moved up to middle school and is loving it. Good luck!


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