BA all the way!

So as I mentioned I will be writing about my time in Barbados and sharing lots of fun stuff when I return but I’m compelled to tell you about the great start I’ve had with BA.
Last time we came here we flew with Virgin and didn’t have a great experience – this time was absolutely fantastic. The check in was easy and the gentlemen who checked us in even let Zachy go round and press the button to take the cases off on the conveyor. A great highlight for him!
I was fairly anxious about an 8 hour + flight with a 11 month old but the team on board were friendly, professional and couldn’t do enough to help including having a cuddle with Flo, getting a different sandwich for Zachy (I suspect from their own lunch provisions) and much more.
If you are debating who to fly with on a long haul right now it’s British Airways all the way for me!
Thank you very much for a pleasant and easy journey here!

More from me soon!
Kath x

5 thoughts on “BA all the way!

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for following me on Twitter. Great blog you have here. Bon Voyage! Look forward to reading about your updates. Glad the long flight went well…it makes a world of difference when there’s good staff who are accommodating and friendly towards our small people xx


  2. Ah we have only flown BA once, just recently actually, but we loved it. The whole experience from start to finish was worth the extra pennies than flying one of the budget airlines. I have travelled long a lot, (including Barbados- yay its amazing!) but it’s always been with Virgin or Emirates. x


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