Birthdays & Parties…

As we returned from the sunny climate in Barbados I was relieved to see the Indian summer was still continuing at home and what with the wonders of online shopping my grocery shop I did whilst on holiday arrived on Thursday with all the goodies for the kids party today – phew!
I’d already been and bought all my bunting, paper plates, cake stands, balloons, party bags and any other birthday paraphernalia before we went away thank goodness. (Obviously I wanted to make lots of gorgeous bunting, decorations etc but ended up being a cope out and buying them all from a supermarket!) one day I will be an arts & craft mother!

4th Birthdays
I felt terribly guilty that we were landing home on Zachys birthday and was really worried the day would be a wipe out but as usual he soldiered on refusing to sleep during the day! After opening some presents Daddy and Flo went for a nap whilst we had some quality one on one which is almost a present in itself in our home given Flo is now 1 and Zachy 4. We spent it playing guitars, Buckaroo and watching his new Lego film.

After a long day and a treat pizza birthday tea with grandma and grandad a tired boy went off to bed and didn’t wake will 10am the next day!

1st Birthdays

Friday bought Flo’s 1st birthday and this little bambino didn’t rise till 10.15am either (one of the good things about jet lag!) She enjoyed opening her pressies but soon became a little overwhelmed as babies do. Luckily being the second time for a 1st birthday we carried on with our day as normal – I know with Zachy I wanted the day to be magical and special but to be honest they really don’t know what’s happening and just get freaked out most of the time.



Well today is the day! I have mountains of food, the culmination of at least 4 days work clearing the back of the garden and at least 5 hours erecting the new birthday trampoline yesterday should all be worthwhile when I see their little faces having a great time. Happy days! Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stays away! I’ll let you know….


What Katy Said

6 thoughts on “Birthdays & Parties…

  1. Hehe pleased to see you caved and got the trampoline 😉 we can’t wait to come celebrate and see the birthday bebes. Keeping everything crossed for the weather xx


  2. What a happy, birthday-filled (and busy) week! I’m super impressed at your organisation to order the food shop of party goodies, very smart! I hope the weather stayed bright today and the trampoline was a hit! #HappyDays x


  3. Fingers crossed the rain stays away… for just a bit longer at least.

    Gorgeous photos! Zachy’s blue guitar is mega cool!

    Thanks for linking up with our #HappyDaysLinky – hope to see you again next week.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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