Survival Tips for Flying with children!

As you know I have recently returned from a long haul flight and I was super anxious about getting on board for 8 hours with a 1 year old and a 4 year old – surprisingly it went rather well!! With this in mind I thought I’d share with you my top tips 🙂

Top Tips

1) If you’re going long haul fly with a reputable company (see my earlier post – BA all the way!)

They are professionals and have a certain standard that they adhere to which makes your life easier.

2) Book the bassinet area (if you have a small child) well in advance.

I happened to call BA to ask about something else once I had booked my holiday and was advised I could book my seats at no extra charge well in advance as I was travelling with an infant.

I had no idea and several couples I met on the plane had no idea either, they had waited to book this once the seats were free for everyone to book and missed out. I was concerned Flo wouldn’t fit in the moses basket they give you but they also have a bouncy chair type seat she used that went from sitting up to lying down (great for feeding and sleeping)

3) Separate your family!

I took Flo on the way out and Mr Kath took Zachy and then on the way home we swapped. It meant both children had the full attention of one parent each rather than the ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’ which way do I turn now stress that usually entails!

4) Take plenty of food!

I had milk, pouches and plenty of snacks in the way of rice cakes and sweetcorn rings for Flo. Zachy had crisps, sweets, lollipops, chocolate and a sandwich packed! Call me a bad mother but I’m all for making my life easier and that of other passengers…!

5) Take plenty of toys!

I had a couple of not too annoying musical things for Flo, book and a dolly, these all fit in to Zachy’s pull along planes bag which made him feel super important 🙂 I had purchased a new dinosaur package inc 2 sticker books and 2 colouring books plus he had my Ipad and all the films and TV on the plane which going out was great.

6) Upgrade!

I know this is easier said than done but on our return we had a night flight and it cost about £200 extra to go into world traveller plus (equiv premium economy) it meant wider seats and extra leg room with footstools etc. We all managed to sleep on the way home so was well worth the investment. We were even luckier that this area wasnt very busy on the way home so Flo got her own chair next to Daddy!

flo f

7) Take them for a walk

Carry up and down the plane when you can so they have a change of scenery.

8) Rock them off to sleep

If you have them on your lap, save all the other unsuspecting people around you. Even with a baby of my own I started to go insane last time when it took till the end of the flight for the mummy to realise she could ‘bob’ off her child to sleep!

Good luck!



Super Busy Mum

4 thoughts on “Survival Tips for Flying with children!

  1. We’ve done a lot of travelling with the kids, short and long haul. We’re currently living in the US, so that means at least one long haul a year back to the UK. It definitely gets easier as they get older and we can now pack a lot less stuff for the boys (5&8) on the flight as they are happy with the TV and games. We let them pack their own bag with 2/3 toys and a couple of books and I make them a ‘pick and mix’ type treat and some snacks that they have control of for the flight too. They like to feel grown up! The wee girl is now two and a half, so it’s getting better… lots of distractions still required for her though! Absolutely agree re BA 🙂 #sharewithme

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  2. N’s not been abroad yet at 3.5y and not likely to for a while. I have to sort out the OH who is useless on holiday with raking the lead or knwoing what he’s doing so I can’t hack 2 of them as well as myself to sort out, especially as I have to inject fragmin within an hour of taking off. Too much to think about.


  3. Can relate to all of this as I just did a 19 hour flight with a 11 months old and a 2 1/2 year old. It’s definitely something you have to have your mind in the right patience mode and be prepared. lol Sounds like you were organized for sure. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I am glad it went well for you. #sharewithme


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