Mummy I have wee in my pants…..

So I was quite late in potty training my boy as we were moving house, I was pregnant, he was moving school, basically a top list of reasons the advice says not to do it!.

We eventually tackled it just before he turned 3. Well one year later – all sorted I hear you say…. NOPE!

I frequently get a shout of ‘a little accident’ or ‘little dribbles’ in my pants mummy – grrrrrrr. I started thinking that as he wears night time pants still it must be a mixed message as to when you can and can’t wee in your pants.

At the time I couldn’t even contemplate night time training too however! As some of you know he has just turned 4 and Z has decided he doesn’t want to wear these any more. I’m happy with that. We’ve invested in 2 terry towelling bed sheets that are really effective (only £11.99 each from Linens Direct!) and we cracked on 1 week ago. All in all it hasn’t gone too badly, on two occasions we had an accident before I went to bed but then was ok for the rest of the night, one night it was 4am and a couple of times it has been first thing. I’m following the advice of a wee before bed, ‘lifting’ before I go to bed (although often i’m stripping beds then too) and trying to wake him before he wakes naturally so he doesn’t have a sleepy wee but I’ll be honest it’s quite hard going and I feel my motivation and enthusiasm slipping already…

What advice have you lovely mums and dads got for me before I wrap him up in plastic and be done with it?!?! (Only kidding!)

4 thoughts on “Mummy I have wee in my pants…..

  1. Layering – waterproof sheet, sheet, waterproof sheet, sheet. Doesn’t prevent accidents but less disruptive for Z. Strip off top set of layers and settle him down again. We were SO lucky with our boy, but my sister said this saved her sanity, as neither her nor her littl’uns had to fully wake up! Good luck… Xx


    • Fab idea. Always feel terrible having to get him out and strip the bed but that sounds much easier!
      He did well last night. Only a little one this morning. It’s hard to get to him before he wakes up as it’s so early!


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