Well that week whizzed by didn’t it?! Seriously I don’t even know!

I’m writing this list to hook up with the happy days linky this week with Katy & Jenna so hopefully you guys will like it as surprisingly I am actually doing what I’m told and following the headings 😉

Out and About

To tell the truth I haven’t been out and about at all this week due to being incapacitated with my broken toe although I did clear the leaves off the trampoline so Z and his friend could have a good jump around and get some fresh air. Next week will be easier now I have this bad boy:


Fun at home

I had some lovely one on one time with F this week whilst Z was at preschool. I’m so surprised how much she has moved on and is doing amazingly well with her fine motor skills putting pegs in holes, letters in envelopes with the post the letter game and shapes in the cookie jar. Z had a great play with his friend and both did some fab colouring in which is a joy to watch on friday (note to mums if you have a boy – playmate girls, really helps them concentrate on these types of activities)


Time for me

Its been a pretty tough week for one reason or another but I did manage to pop to our local pub The George. It’s a lovely gastro type pub just at the end of out road (dangerous!) but had a good natter and catch up with one of my besties Nat over a gorgeous Pinot Blush. Love wine o’clock!

My happiest moment

I know it might sound ridiculous but since returning to work I really miss doing the preschool run with Z so one of my happiest moments this week is seeing his big smile when I’m the one who arrives to pick him up. Warm fuzzy feelings 🙂

Next week I would like to

Take the kids for a day out. It’s half term now and I feel guilty not being around for Z till Thursday so I want to do something with him that he really wants to do. Friday is all about Halloween as our road is manic! We are trick or treating and carving our next pumpkin so perhaps we could make some lovely Halloween cakes or cake pops from all the blog posts I’ve been reading lately 🙂

Look forward to telling you all about our Halloween next week 🙂
Love Kath


What Katy Said

4 thoughts on “#HappyDaysLinky

  1. Aww bless you, you don’t have to stick to the headings as long as the post fits in with the overall theme that is fine by us 🙂
    That is one massive boot! I have never broken anything but I am imagining it is the most annoying thing!!
    The one thing I am dreading about working is not being able to pick up my girls from nursery but its just one of those things 😦
    Thanks for joining in #HappyDaysLinky hope you have a lovely half term xx


  2. Ouch – hope your toe is better soon. I broke one of mine once by trying to breakdance. Not cool.
    That’s so lovely that you could do the pre-school pick up. 🙂
    Thanks for joining in with our #happydayslinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


  3. Oh no! Your poor toe! That’s quite a contraption on your leg for a toe, too 😦 That’s so cute about how happy Z was when you picked him up from preschool. Warm fuzzies indeed! Have a great week. #HappyDaysLinky


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