Advice advice help help …. pleeeeease….

So i’m currently looking into hosting my own website. I like the look of my current wordpress site but I want the flexibility to do with it what I want and seen as I’m still fairly new thought it would be a good idea to do it now before I can’t remember where I’ve signed up for things etc.
I already have my own domain and really want to crack on using it but I am aware I’m usually a bit of a jumper and think about the consequences later so this time round I’m trying to be responsible!!!
I’ve read articles recommending Bluehost, 123 etc but what I really need is your input…
Who do you host with?
Was it easy to set up?
Could you /I transfer my current wordpress site over easily?

Anything else you think is important for me to consider with this move.

I really appreciate any advice you can give so the more info you can give/sharing to friends and colleagues that would be amazing.
thank you

Kath x

2 thoughts on “Advice advice help help …. pleeeeease….

  1. You can just stick with your free wordpress to save hosting costs and get your domain pointed to the wordpress site so that the URL can re-direct (they you’ll have your own domain name plus the wordpress one). WordPress have lots of different templates you can use (free and paid) and has the best tech support and SEO so I’d recommend sticking with it. Wix is another free web dev site you could try with a lot of nice templates and v easy to use with a lot of flexibility – but it’s not as advanced as wordpress when it comes to commenting and ranking and their tech support is shocking…but it is improving all the time. So the long and short is, if you just want your blog to look ‘prettier’ then save the hosting money and spend it on a nice new paid for template within wordpress 🙂


  2. I use WordPress, mainly because it is so easy to make things look good and work well without being a techie person. There’s a plugin for most things and if you need to modify or do something new, the forums are full of super helpful people. For hosting I am with Siteground and they have been really good for me. Nothing to compare it to though. All I know is every time I have an issue, even those seemingly not their direct problem (like me messing up plugins or advice on tackling hackers), they are on it straight away and I normally have a fix within the hour and often much less. Good luck!


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