If you want something doing properly, do it yourself!

I’m constantly moaning about the lack of help around the house and how I have to work, clean, cook, shop, school run, wash etc all by myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably best.

What?! I hear you screaming at me, but seriously if the other half does anything I usually spend as much time doing it again, rectifying it or finishing it off as he hasn’t done it properly. Examples:

1) Food shopping:

Yes I wrote an in depth list of everything we needed from the supermarket, I even wrote it in order of the supermarket layout – no excuses right..? WRONG! We ended up with no wine, I mean really?! The rubbish wipes were your finger goes through it just as you reach a huge piece of poo! The wrong cleaning product, ie a spray not a cream cleaner. The smallest box of tea bags that will probably last for a week, I could go on.  So I sent him back. The wine came back, phew but the wipes didn’t. Third time lucky! I gave up and asked him to drive us all to the supermarket and get the right and rest of the stuff. This by the way took a whole day with an initial 2 hour shop to start with.

2) Put the washing on

Silly silly. The whites in with the colours, in with the darks etc etc. Then when pegged on the line it was in such a way that lumps of it didn’t dry so needed turning and left out for another few hours.

3) Making dinner

Using every pot, pan, implement in the kitchen and looking like a bomb has hit it afterwards but being very proud of his creation, which I do concede is usually yummy so therefore the ends justifies the means.

4) Tidying up dinner (rarely and only if said other half hasn’t cooked it)

Half the stuff left on the side, pans left to soak and the surfaces not wiped down.

5) Hoovering

Taking half an hour to Hoover one tiny piece of carpet rather than whizz ing round. Leaving all the crumbs/rice cake bits that escape to the edges of the room there because the hosey bit wasn’t used/I didn’t know it was there/how to use it…

Now I know you all think I sound like a moany whatnot or a dragon and I should be grateful for the help offered but really should I?!

I actually wonder if he does these things badly so he doesn’t have to do them again…

I can only resort back to quotes that have been passed down through generations ‘if you want something doing properly, do it yourself’

Seriously, there must be others out there that have the same problems. Nope? Oh, I’ll just go and take my bitch hat off!

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