Where have the grey’s gone?

So I thought I better get round to smartening myself up for Blogfest this weekend and getting rid of the pesky grey hairs so I tried out the new range from John Frieda.

It’s quite a pricey product in relation to competition on the market but as it’s half price in Superdrug I thought it was worth a go.

The packaging is nice, well laid out instructions inside and none of those pesky sachets that you can’t open when your hands are wet in the shower, it also has quality rubber gloves so you don’t end up with dyed hands at the end either so that was a great plus in my book.


The applicator actually turns the dye into a foam which makes it much easier not to drip off around the bathroom, something that always happens to me but I did keep forgetting that you have to squeeze the bottle for the foam instead of pump the dispenser! Overall it was easy to apply and held my hair in place once on. So after the 30 min sit around (only 20 for no grey 😦  ) I showered it off, the conditioner was lush but has left my hair a bit on the static side.

I was pleased with the colour and it has covered the grey but I still think I can see them twinkling a little bit!

Ive taken the below photo in the sun so you can see the colour and decide for yourself 🙂


Family Fever

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