Top 5 things on my Christmas List

So now Halloween and Fireworks are out the way its time to get into Christmas mode. Only 6 Saturdays to go!!

I thought I would put this Christmas wish list together and try and leave it lying around for some gift ideas for the other half!

1) Cath Kidston Diary

I love this diary it has year to page, month to page and week to page. Its beautifully floral and hand bag sized and only priced at £12

cath kidston diary

2) Firetrap Lexi Boots

Trendy riding boot style. Only £49 at m and m direct!


3) Lingerie!

A nice bra and knickers set something in black and like this set from M & S I dont think you can beat them for gorgeous, comfy and well fitting options: Lace set Lingerie

4) Day Trip Out

There are plenty of Groupon offers and one I spotted recently was afternoon tea at The Shard or a nice meal out in Town with some cocktails just me and the other half (we all now how hard it is to get some quality time together)

5) Scholl Velvet Pedi

I’m terrible for finding time for myself and there’s nothing better than a pedicure so this is my pamper at home present wish!


6) Mulberry Bag…! (Ok I said 5 but this is a real wish only!)

What girl doesnt want a Mulberry Bag and at only £795 its a steal (cough cough!)


Whats on your wish list??

nb: this is not an affiliate page or paid for just genuine wishes 🙂

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