Please can I have some more sleep??

So my 4 year old has had a clock in his bedroom for a while now. I decided to get one when he started getting up at 5.30 am because he didn’t know if it was morning or not. It was a basic design and basically the light went out when he could get up. Needless to say it devoured batteries and if you didn’t click it back on when we tucked him in then it wouldn’t be on and we would be awakened again at 5.30. Not the ideal solution.

With all this going on I looked at different options and found the Gro Clock. Made by the ‘Gro’ company of which a lot of you will of heard of with their sleep bag range and portable black out blinds, I knew it would be a quality bit of kit.
The premise is if the suns on the dial you can get up and if its stars it’s still night time. Throughout the night the small stars tick down around the big star which you could explain to your LO if you wanted to.
It comes with a fab story book about a lazy pig who doesn’t sleep which is perfect in explaining why its important to sleep and the concept of getting up once the sun is on the dial.

The best bits for me?

  • It plugs in!! No need for hundreds of batteries!
  • It’s a fun way to explain night time.
  • It’s bright enough to be used as a night-light.
  • I get more sleep time!!

See the Gro clock and the rest of the range from the Gro company here:


nb: I was sent this product to review but all opinions are truthful and my own.



2 thoughts on “Please can I have some more sleep??

  1. Love these, I keep gong to get one and still havent got around to it! (To be honest i forget until i see a review!)

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, hope to see you again this week X

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