Delights Week 1

I’ve decided to try and write a series of posts entitled Delights. My lovely Blog colleagues, Katy & Jenna run a linky called Happy Days which I try to link up with of a similar ilk seen as there are many things that are a struggle week on week its important to make note of the good things. I have great intentions to link this up religiously so here goes πŸ™‚

So what delights have we had this week?


After two fast days this week on Monday & Wednesday there had to be a treat on Thursday. (Weigh in post coming soon) And no before you ask it doesn’t mean all my hard work was for nothing as the benefits of the fasting fat burn has already been done πŸ™‚ I took my inspiration from a favourite M&S food to go option I like to have which is pulled pork bun. I bought some freshly baked Ciabatta and added pulled pork, Creamy coleslaw and pickles, hummmmmmmmmmmm…

Pulled pork sandwich


This week I have managed to see 3 of my besties – you may of seen one of them on our abs & squats video post after a couple of vinos. Very funny! I also got to go to another friends baby shower yesterday which was beautifully done, you can see the pictures on my Instagram.


My eldest was super brave this week when he had to have his blister popped on his hand by the nurse as he had got an infection. Not really a delight but I was so proud of him. He was inconsolable initially but has taken his medicine religiously with no battles and had his second skin dressing changed daily with no upsets.


Today we are spending the day at home playing games and having a sit down family roast dinner. Love these days πŸ™‚

What Katy Said

5 thoughts on “Delights Week 1

  1. That sandwich looks delicious! I’m sorry that your eldest had a bad hand though. He sounds like a very brave lad though as I’m sure most adults would’ve complained a lot.



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