A Day Out with Thomas

Always looking for ideas of kids days out?

Recently we visited Thomas, yes, the one and only, Tank Engine.

There was a lot of anticipation of the big event so we were up and out early doors. We attended the event at Kirklees Light Railway in Yorkshire as we were visiting family in the area at the time and were very lucky they had discovered it was on the same weekend.


On arrival there was lots going on:

Platform rides on your favorites including Mavis, Toby the Tram and Thomas

(a quick back and forth out of the platform and back again).



Platform Ride - TObyt1

Face Painting in an old train carriage

Face Painting

Donkey Riding

Donkey Rides

plus a bouncy castle and activity centres that offered the chance for children to colour in pictures and make crafts!

The staff were in Thomas uniforms and the Fat Controller was striding around looking stern (which he was – but that’s another story!)

7The main ride runs from Kirklees to Shelby around a 15-20 minute journey. Our train was actually pulled by Douglas rather than Thomas which was a little bit of a disappointment for  our eldest but seen as Thomas was doing a platform ride it was ok and meltdown was narrowly avoided!

Additionally, a note to take heed of,  we went to a ‘light railway’ so the trains and carriages were on the miniature side, this isnt made overly clear on the website although it does mention it.

Their promotional video shows a normal size carriage so make sure you choose the relevant venue if this is the option you would prefer.



Zachy enjoyed the day and even his little sister now plays with his trains and picks up his books to read so I would say overall it was a success. Honestly for the cost of the ticket, a lot was included as all the above was at no extra cost and you could easily make it a whole day out with everything on offer.

Each venue offers different activities and different prices so check out their website for more info: http://www.dayoutwiththomas.co.uk/



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11 thoughts on “A Day Out with Thomas

  1. I took my eldest to A Day Out with Thomas when he was 2 (now nearly 5) and it was an amazing day out. We’ll have to do it all again soon as my youngest is also surprisingly into trains and I know that my eldest will still enjoy it just as much! #TriedTested

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  2. Popping over from #ToddlerApprovedTuesday linky. We are just about to move back to the UK and so we’ll no doubt have to find lots to do for Miss S, and I think she’d love Thomas!

    Great post, I’d skipped over Thomas days in the past, but now think it might be a really good idea for the kids. xx


  3. Great review! It sounds like you had a fab day out!

    We’re off to see Thomas & friends tomorrow in Eastbourne, I think I might be a little more excited than T at the moment!

    Sorry my comments are so late this week, thanks for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx


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