The running returns…

As many of you know I became a keen runner after having my second child Flo at the end of 2013 and managed my first ever 10k just a year ago; the Nike night run and ran a second one, Race for life in the summer.

night run

Disaster struck in September 2014 when upon visiting my Auntie and consuming a couple of vino’s I fell down a large step and landed badly on my foot. It turned out I had fractured my big toe and ended up wearing a boot for 8 weeks which some of you may remember from Blogfest!

After an arduous process of doing no exercise apart from abs & squats in January and numerous Physio appointments my toe health has become much better and although I still have pain and may have to start cortisone injections I have started exercising and running again.

The problem with being a parent is finding the time to exercise and lets be honest by the time the other half gets home at 7.30 pm Ive already been in for two hours, played with the kids, got through the bedtime routine, cooked the dinner and tidied up, there is no way I want to go out again to exercise!

So what to do? Well I joined fit4less gym which is opposite my work and have started a workout designed for me by the helpful trainer there in my lunch hour.

My first run was 3 k to the gym where i did my workout and then 3k back home. I couldn’t walk for about 4 days without looking like John Wayne!

Second run was a straight 4k, I was pleased but disappointed my average km/minute was so high seen as I used to run at 6 km/minute.


Sunday I ran my best yet, 5k, no stopping and got my average back down to 6.30 km/minute. 🙂


So whats next? I want to improve my pace and have a 10k booked for June and another in July. I’m continuing with my healthy eating (or trying to!) so you can read more about it here : slow & steady.  I’ll keep you posted!




7 thoughts on “The running returns…

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  2. Hi Katheryn! It’s so hard isn’t it juggling time, energy and motivation with little ones. Sounds like you’re doing great with your running esp after injury. I’m just getting back into it after a few complications after my second baby. Looking forwards to finding out how you get on with the 10ks.


  3. Well done on getting back to running after your toe injury – expect you will be feeling it as your foot becomes used to running again! Getting your speed back to normal is fantastic! Juggling exercise around children is hard – I love my time when my daughter is at school, that is my time to just get everything sorted! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx


  4. Wow, your doing amazing with the running. I love the apps that record our efforts! it helps to keep in track and to aim a little higher and work a little harder. I could not imagine doing squats! Ouch!

    Angela xx

    Angela recently posted A whole lot of banana’s


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