Bothered / Not Bothered??

So a lot of you lovely bloggers have been posting about your recent movements in the TOTS 100 charts and i take my hat off to you and lets be honest if i were you would be well chuffed too BUT are we all too obsessed with what constitutes others thoughts on a good blog and what number we actually rank at?

I jumped on the bandwagon and had a look at mine tonight. I’m quite pleased with the inroads I’ve made moving up the charts as i have been investing time in my blog alongside working 4 days a week, selling Avon, running a family and having no time for myself, but is it enough and should we actually care?
I know I started my blog as a way of meeting, virtually and physically, new people, learning new things, discovering new products, trying new foods and getting good ideas for my kids and me but even i find myself getting bothered about rankings.
Surely we should just be doing this for ourselves and hoping others enjoy reading what we have written. Is this just a naive view or because i’m just a loser and I’m not ranked in the Top 100 and desperately want to be part of the cool club?!

There are lots of posts about how we compete in motherhood and how we should give ourselves a break and not worry about what everyone else thinks but then we put ourselves through it in other ways..!

Let me make myself clear here I’m not picking on Tots 100 it’s just that’s what has inspired my post, I’m talking about blogger leader boards in general and it’s not that I can’t say that I don’t care anymore because lets be honest its a natural human reaction so perhaps we just need to get our heads down and get on with it!

What do you think? Good or bad??

Ok? Go….

8 thoughts on “Bothered / Not Bothered??

  1. i have become a little obsessed around the middle of each month checking. It doesn’t mean anything, but makes me feel better when I move closer to the top 250, however when I drop further it does make me feel bad. It doesn’t affect how I blog, or why, but is just there… Why??


  2. I remember joining tots100 months back and not being able to see a score as I was still too new and then I forgot all about it until a few weeks ago. I have checked my new score and was checking every day leading up to it to see if it had changed but I’m not sure why. I’ve seen things about klout and kred and various other ranking things too but I’m not gunna bother with those. One score is enough for me to check on.


      • Haha I have absolutely no idea! I tweeted asking questions about it and the replies I got were pretty much, its nothing, and it doesn’t matter so don’t worry about it… So i didn’t! Lol! Apparently #Klout70 is a big deal though.


  3. I dropped slightly this month and was quite down about it until I reminded myself of why I started blogging and why I continue to blog – because I enjoy it. It is lovely to feel like you’re doing well when you move up in the charts though but it is hard sometimes to avoid getting caught up in chart positions.

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  4. Up until now? I wasn’t bothered but now I am itching to have a look and see if I rank or where I rank. I think it all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. I would like to know what methods they use to determine the rankings? X


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