What you waiting for? I’m running the Triple with run or dye!

I know I’m getting a little run obsessed but I now have 3 runs that I’m hoping to do in 3 weeks. If there is anytime a good kick up the backside was needed this should do it 🙂

This week went well and I managed to get my average pace down to 6.23 min/km, my lowest ever believe it or not! It was hard and I really had to power through but I was determined to give you all some good news!


So back to my triple, I’m running a 10K in London’s Victoria Park on 27th June, a 5K in Kent on 5th July and a further 10K on 12th July in Croydon’s Lloyd Park. I’m raising money for Cancer Research as it has touched my friends and relatives too much.

My aim is to beat my 1 hour times for the 10K  but the one I’m looking forward to the most is the fun 5K in Kent. Its a Run or Dye event. What this entails is a fun 5K that you can walk/run or even crawl and whilst going round you get ‘painted’  with safe, plant based powdered dye! What a laugh!

run or dye

Click on the link above to find your nearest event. It promises to be a fantastic day and even your kids can take part, even better under 6’s are free!

At the end as you cross the line you are in the middle of a colour storm and get the opportunity to have a dance to some awesome DJ’s.

run or dye 1

I’m so looking forward to a ‘fun’ run rather than the serious of the other two 10K either side so if you fancy getting involved, check out the video below and then use this discount code : KISDISCOUNT  to get you £3 off your entry so what you waiting for?! Run or Dye!

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9 thoughts on “What you waiting for? I’m running the Triple with run or dye!

  1. I really do love the idea of the painting run. If my knee wsnt injured I would be sure signing up to that. Good luck with all three, you will need a weekend of rest on week 4 🙂 #weightlosswednesday


  2. Well done you! This is amazing! I used to LOVE running – it’s easy to become obsessed hey? When you start feeling fitter and fitter and can run longer and longer without it totally killing you. It’s amazing what the body can do. Wishing you lots of luck and I hope you raise loads of money for such a great cause. Thank you so much for linking to #WellbeingWednesday 🙂 xxx


  3. Have fun with the Run or Dye race – looks fantastic! Wanted to try a colour run this year but the schedule doesn’t allow. All fixated on 12th July now. You are going to be knackered after all the races but will feel great afterwards. You go girl, you can do it!
    Thank you so much for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday Sim xx


  4. Gosh Kathryn, this is impressive, well done you! Since you’ve been in training I wonder what body changes you’ve noticed? One thing though, you must be full of energy. Keep it up – they should be proud of you at Rig.

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