Subscription Boxes…??

I had a postman’s slip through the door a few weeks ago and as much as its a real hassle to go to the post office to collect things I’m always excited because it feels like a present!
It transpired that it was a KoalaPak…
Whats that you say?? Well, I’ve seen several subscription postal order things pop up on the web recently and must admit to being quite dubious about them, i mean really do you neeeeeed to have a beauty box or a baby box etc through your door every month??

The KoalaPak is one of these monthly subscription boxes but is actually aimed at children aged 3-8 to help aid development in line with EYFS and Key Stage 1 & 2, very useful if you are a stay at home mum with a child not at pre-school, nursery and in addition to your children at school to teach them the lessons needed to aid development.

The Activity:

Let me tell you what was in our box : Make your own garden kit!!!

As you can see its brightly coloured so Zachy was interested straight away and it had everything you need:

Flower pots and saucers

Stickers to decorate them with

An additional box to put your garden in

Sticky tape to make the box

Lolly Sticks to identify your plants

Cress seeds

Carrot seeds

Compost rounds




A garden gnome to decorate

A pinny to decorate

and a list of step by step instructions which includes what EYFS, KS1 and 2 guidelines it follows and what it teaches your little cherub.

Zachary had a great time making his garden and it was lovely for him to have everything at his finger tips. He stuck stickers on his flower pots, planted the compost rounds and sprinkled in the seeds, used the pipettes to water them and painted his gnome. We still have the box to paint and (fingers crossed) the plants to grow so its not all over in one swoop.



I am a convert! I loved the box and the educational value inside it. Zachary thought it was wonderful and he enjoyed making something from start to finish all out of this one little box.

Find out more at where you can buy a subscription or send one as a gift.





One thought on “Subscription Boxes…??

  1. Oh this look great, I’m with your initial thoughts on subscription boxes I guess I havent found the ‘one’ yet!!

    Thanks for sharing with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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