1st Anniversary, Awards & a Giveaway !

So I have been writing on my blog for ONE year this month! How time has flown. Looking back over the year it surprises me how much my babies have grown and is lovely catching up on all the things we have got up to over the past year.

To top it all off, this month I won Working Parent Blogger of the Year with the Mum And Working Awards! What a surprise and an honour! In this category were truly some brilliant bloggers and as this was a voted for by the public award I was lolloping in my chair not giving a win a second thought so I was blown away when my name was read out!

It was a great day celebrating some truly inspirational working mums who set up their own businesses and franchises and the day filled me with respect and awe for all these amazing people. The day had keynotes from Annabel Karmel and Caprice who explained how they ended up with their amazing businesses and it was so refreshing to hear that really they are just women like you and I that worked hard and had overcame adversity to get where they are today.

In addition to my first award it turned out I won another category for Flexible Employee of the Year with my current company RIG Healthcare. Without the support of this business I wouldn’t be where I am today. In 2010 I gave birth to my first child, on return to work it was clear that I couldn’t put in the time needed to be a successful sales person due to nursery pick up times etc and instead of putting me on the scrap heap they asked if I would like to retrain and manage the companies social media presence and general marketing. I was so chuffed that they felt I was worth retraining and after attending some insightful training days at different venues and with different companies I embarked on a Digital Marketing Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing which I ended up completing after the birth of my second child!

With all this new knowledge I had the confidence to start this very blog which has seen me going on some fab days out, trialing some brilliant products and having an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.

So one year in and 2 awards under my belt I felt it was time to say Thank You to you all! As I luckily won two winner bags I have TWO brilliant books to give away.

No.1 – A signed copy of Annabel Karmel : Mumpreneur. The complete guide to starting and running a successful business.

No. 2 – Caprice : My Boys, My Body, My Business.


So all you have to do is as much or as little of the below rafflecopter, I seem to be having some issues placing the widget so please follow the link for now! Good Luck!
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