I’m Kath and I currently work as a Digital Media Executive to a recruitment firm.

I generally write about stuff that I feel I want to. I don’t have several posts scheduled to publish and most of the time I don’t think my blog is as good/informative/funny as other peoples but after one year in to blogging in September 2015 I have won not one but two awards!! Mum and working awards judged me the most Flexible Employee of the Year and their fans voted for me on Working Parent Blogger of the Year!! Gobsmacked was not the word! I’m so grateful people like my blog and still can’t quite believe anybody reads it!

Anyway abit about me! I’m mummy to Zachy born in 2010 and Flo born in 2013, both in October within a day of each other, at least it means joint birthday parties for the future!

I love to share ideas and experiences with people and I love reading other peoples blogs and getting ideas for things to do and places to go. As a mummy I’ve started to cook more from scratch then I ever did in the past and now enjoying reading others recipes and giving them a go! Additionally I love eating out and going to interesting places with the family and my friends so I include restaurant, places and activity reviews.


I look forward to reading everyone’s ideas, tips and comments.

Contact me:

E: isitwineoclockyet@yahoo.com


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