This little beauty has been a game changer…

Do you always struggle to print things off for the kids homework?

Have piles of photos that lie in a cloud of digital space somewhere?

Desperate to find things to keep the kids occupied?

I have the answer! I was very lucky to receive a beautiful new Epson printer this summer and I didn’t want to write another normal blog until I realised how much this lovely little piece of tech has helped me in my daily life…


For those of you that don’t know my little boy has just gone into Year 1 this September and the homework has ramped up big time and it involves picking a task to complete each week out of 10 tasks included in their homework book. Most of these involve things like, put a picture of your favorite place in your book and tell us why its your favorite place or put in a picture of you now and when you were a baby and tell us 5 differences. Just a few examples… Well! This little beautiful bit of kit means I can pull it out the cupboard and pop it on the dining table. Within two seconds it is on and ready for action having been set linked into my wifi previously. I purchased some photo paper from the pound shop, downloaded the Epson app on my phone and iPad and away I went. It’s so simple even a technophobe like me can manage it! I select the photo button in the app, select which one I want and press print and voila its done! And the quality that it prints out is fab.!

The difference between this printer and others is that I don’t have to worry about ink. This is because it doesn’t use the traditional cartridges that cost £50-£100 a pop. It uses squeezy bottles of ink that you squeeze into the relevant pots and is said to last approximately 2 years! So even though it is more expensive on the initial outlay the ink replacement means its a no brainer as far as cost is concerned.

Not only have we managed to complete homework, it also means I can print off colouring in pics for my 3 year old and other highly coloured arts and crafts for her to do like the Finding Dory crafts we completed over the summer holidays which included ‘Dorygami’ and fun props on sticks like you use for selfies.

Additionally it scans and copies and then puts away neatly wherever you want it until next time. I honestly can say its been a game changer in our house. Check it out : Epson EcoTank ET-2550


Running fake??

Prior to the birth of my second child in October 2013 I would generally just run a 5k Race For Life once a year but after having Flo and deciding I needed to shift my baby (and pre-baby!) fat I decided running would be the answer. Cheap, easy to fit in and the ability to do it at the drop of a hat.

2 1/2 years later and I still manage at least one run a week of between 5 and 10k so I’m pretty chuffed. I’ve managed to loose a lot of weight and I feel good about my body and health.

So why do I still feel like a fraud??

You know what I mean, I don’t class myself as a ‘runner’. Why do we, as mums/women always put ourselves down? Anyhoo that is a point for a completely different post that will come soon enough.

Luckily I was contacted by the lovely Trespass who could see through my insecurities and see me for the runner that I am and I need to thank them for that, because by having a ‘real’ brand get in touch and have belief in me I have actually realised i have belief in myself! Is that hollow? I don’t think so. It’s purely support. Support for me, mums and all of us who are trying to better ourselves and get back to who we were before children (YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT WE LOVE DEARLY – OBVIOUSLY!!) but who take up all our time!

To the point in hand! I had been thinking for ages that I needed a running jacket, I would often go out with a fleece cardigan or a hoodie on, only to get too hot 10 minutes in to my run but because of my earlier discussed insecurities of not being a ‘runner’ I couldn’t warrant the need for a ‘running’ jacket.

WELL!!!! Can I just say! If you run 1k or if you run 20k you NEED a running jacket! The weather is up and down as we know and the thing I didn’t know about these said ‘running jackets’ is that they love and protect you whatever the weather! If it’s cold they will keep you warm, if it’s warm but a bit nippy they take the edge off and even though you get hot and sweaty whilst you run you won’t feel it with one of these bad boys on!

PLUS who can deny you a HOT PINK jacket?! ( apologies for the cheesy picture LOL! )

To purchase my beautiful jacket click here




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Miffy is back!!!

Did you know Miffy’s back?? I know I tweeted and facebooked about my excitement but it really is back!!!


Now my little angel received a miffy and two books through the post from Miffy’s parents and I have to say thank you and no thank you!

The only reason I say no thank you is that she is  know totally obsessed with Miffy! LOL

As a child I looooved Miffy, sweet innocent Miffy with her sweet little cross for her mouth just reminds me of childhood and I’m happy for her to be a part of my little girls journey too 🙂

Flo was immediately taken with the little bunny we know as Miffy and loved holding her whilst we read the books.

That was as far as it went UNTIL Miffy popped up on TINY POP! Well the excitement that broke out was uncontrollable! Haha. It was so cute!

If I can give anyone a tip – don’t wait for them to be obsessed with Peppa etc (not that there is anything wrong with that as she is too!) but get them in to something. The fact she met Miffy as a teddy, then she met Miffy in her book adventures then to top it all off she was beside herself to see Miffy on screen it was amazing!

The original stories and tv adventures mirror the innocence of our childhood which I love. A story about Miffy arriving being blessed by an angel for one is great. I love the innocence and naivety of them. It should be that way! They are two! Lots of people, including members of my family couldn’t believe an angel arrives to bless miffys parents with miffy in the end but why does it need to be any different for a two year old?? The answer is it doesn’t!IMG_3919

I’ve now ordered a bag of Miffy books for xmas that I know Flo will love!

These little lovelies accept it all, enjoying stories doesn’t last for long. Enjoy Miffy and her adventures whilst you can 🙂

What we did at Halloween with Dylon

This year we decided to make our own Halloween costumes with the help of Dylon!

Now I know I’ve been a bit crafty but I must admit to being a little scared, as I’m sure some of you are, of dye!

Well I’m happy to say it’s much easier than you think! We started off with white outfits for me, Zachy and Flo :



Dylon kindly provided me with two different types of dyes in the fact that the sachets are for putting in a bowl with salt and water and leaving the garment in there, stirring intermittently. The bigger boxes you tip directly in the washing machine and just simply run a cycle!

Now I had to decide what to do!

Thanks to the Dylon colour palette that gave me creative ideas, I decided on a  red bride for myself, a violet witch for Flo and a black Frankenstein suit for Zachary. I tipped in the black dye, popped in the suit and switched the machine on…



Next I did the same with my white dress and the red dye. It was so easy and the colour was perfectly distributed with no colour patches on the garments.

Finally I dyed Flo’s witch outfit in the more traditional manner in a bowl. Hers came out equally good.


I was so impressed with the process, the simplicity and the outcomes!


Next year and for any other outfits required in the future, I’ll be turning to Dylon for help and inspiration!


The kids (and me!) had a great time Trick or Treating and they’re still enjoying their treats :0

Thanks Dylon 🙂

Find out more about Dylon and get some inspiration for your outfits!



Do your kids steal your skincare??

Now I know I haven’t harped on about it enough recently (!) but as some of you might know I won an award at the mum and working awards last month (working parent blogger of the year!!)

One of the categories, won by none other than Caprice herself was sponsored by the absolutely lovely Marili who has her own children’s skincare and bath time range so I was super happy to be asked to have a little try of these bad boys!

In my lovely delivery I had these wonderful body washes and a face wash.


How cute are they?! I was in love as soon as I opened the parcel! I think the packaging is lovely to look at but not only is it visually appealing to mummies and children alike but it is quality packaging. Now that may sound snobby but how many children’s ranges have really nice pump action bottles??

The smells are amazing. My youngest one desperately wanted to eat the caramel and honey (which could be a little bit of an issue 🙂 ) and the strawberry and honey is equally as yummy. Def my favourite! It leaves their skin feeling soft and them smelling good enough to eat !

Additionally there is a face wash, which to be honest I may have to steal myself as my kids aren’t too big on that and usually only let me get them with a wet flannel if i’m lucky but also some beautiful smelling and looking lip balms. image

Now you may think lip balms?! For kids?! But both my boy and girl loooove stealing mine! So it is fantastic that they can have their own. Yes, you do have the issues of them squishing their fingers right through the middle when they first get them but it’s doesn’t take long for them to be taught to be gentle and I must say I just loved (even more than normal) giving them a kiss when they had it on!

Additionally they are all paraben free and organic! – Win win in my book!

Find out more at Marili Skincare

Subscription Boxes…??

I had a postman’s slip through the door a few weeks ago and as much as its a real hassle to go to the post office to collect things I’m always excited because it feels like a present!
It transpired that it was a KoalaPak…
Whats that you say?? Well, I’ve seen several subscription postal order things pop up on the web recently and must admit to being quite dubious about them, i mean really do you neeeeeed to have a beauty box or a baby box etc through your door every month??

The KoalaPak is one of these monthly subscription boxes but is actually aimed at children aged 3-8 to help aid development in line with EYFS and Key Stage 1 & 2, very useful if you are a stay at home mum with a child not at pre-school, nursery and in addition to your children at school to teach them the lessons needed to aid development.

The Activity:

Let me tell you what was in our box : Make your own garden kit!!!

As you can see its brightly coloured so Zachy was interested straight away and it had everything you need:

Flower pots and saucers

Stickers to decorate them with

An additional box to put your garden in

Sticky tape to make the box

Lolly Sticks to identify your plants

Cress seeds

Carrot seeds

Compost rounds




A garden gnome to decorate

A pinny to decorate

and a list of step by step instructions which includes what EYFS, KS1 and 2 guidelines it follows and what it teaches your little cherub.

Zachary had a great time making his garden and it was lovely for him to have everything at his finger tips. He stuck stickers on his flower pots, planted the compost rounds and sprinkled in the seeds, used the pipettes to water them and painted his gnome. We still have the box to paint and (fingers crossed) the plants to grow so its not all over in one swoop.



I am a convert! I loved the box and the educational value inside it. Zachary thought it was wonderful and he enjoyed making something from start to finish all out of this one little box.

Find out more at where you can buy a subscription or send one as a gift.





Please can I have some more sleep??

So my 4 year old has had a clock in his bedroom for a while now. I decided to get one when he started getting up at 5.30 am because he didn’t know if it was morning or not. It was a basic design and basically the light went out when he could get up. Needless to say it devoured batteries and if you didn’t click it back on when we tucked him in then it wouldn’t be on and we would be awakened again at 5.30. Not the ideal solution.

With all this going on I looked at different options and found the Gro Clock. Made by the ‘Gro’ company of which a lot of you will of heard of with their sleep bag range and portable black out blinds, I knew it would be a quality bit of kit.
The premise is if the suns on the dial you can get up and if its stars it’s still night time. Throughout the night the small stars tick down around the big star which you could explain to your LO if you wanted to.
It comes with a fab story book about a lazy pig who doesn’t sleep which is perfect in explaining why its important to sleep and the concept of getting up once the sun is on the dial.

The best bits for me?

  • It plugs in!! No need for hundreds of batteries!
  • It’s a fun way to explain night time.
  • It’s bright enough to be used as a night-light.
  • I get more sleep time!!

See the Gro clock and the rest of the range from the Gro company here:


nb: I was sent this product to review but all opinions are truthful and my own.



Crazy Kids!

So as I mentioned in my half term post, Zachy and I went to London to meet with the lovely peeps from Kids Stuff Crazy and had a lovely time at Hamleys.

We were super lucky to receive a lovely box of goodies through the post in an already favoured pirate box to test out.


Included in our kit was:

  • Body Paint – Blue & Red (RRP £2.50)
  • Colour changing bubble bath. (RRP £2.50) One changes in the bath and one when you shake it in the bottle to teach children what two colours make another.
  • Sparkling bubble bath (RRP £2.50)
  • Foaming green soap (RRP £2.00)
  • Colouring book & crayons for bath time (RRP £5.00)

The company also makes nice gift sets of crayons and a mirror, soap and animal sponges and fizzy bath tints. You can see their full range on their website and many Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Boots and more are stocking them.

My advice?

I could fill you full of facts and figures about how many kids like bath time, how much time we spend doing it etc but I don’t feel like this post needs many words because as you can see from the pictures it all went down a treat with Z. He was particularly amazed that the bubble bath changed colour as it went in the water and looooooooooved the foaming soap.

My own personal reservations are that the foamy soap doesnt last long (but then again if you were strickter than me it would!), the body paint doesn’t lather overly well really but overall at least their having fun and getting clean and lets be honest if he’s happy I’m happy! (although I cant say the same for my bath at the end of it all!)

 bathbath 2bath1


Would I buy it?

Yes, I think its a great novelty item, perfect for xmas stocking fillers and for fun gifts for birthdays.


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Where have the grey’s gone?

So I thought I better get round to smartening myself up for Blogfest this weekend and getting rid of the pesky grey hairs so I tried out the new range from John Frieda.

It’s quite a pricey product in relation to competition on the market but as it’s half price in Superdrug I thought it was worth a go.

The packaging is nice, well laid out instructions inside and none of those pesky sachets that you can’t open when your hands are wet in the shower, it also has quality rubber gloves so you don’t end up with dyed hands at the end either so that was a great plus in my book.


The applicator actually turns the dye into a foam which makes it much easier not to drip off around the bathroom, something that always happens to me but I did keep forgetting that you have to squeeze the bottle for the foam instead of pump the dispenser! Overall it was easy to apply and held my hair in place once on. So after the 30 min sit around (only 20 for no grey 😦  ) I showered it off, the conditioner was lush but has left my hair a bit on the static side.

I was pleased with the colour and it has covered the grey but I still think I can see them twinkling a little bit!

Ive taken the below photo in the sun so you can see the colour and decide for yourself 🙂


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Xmas is here! Lapland Mailroom Review…

So this week I was asked to do a review of some gorgeous christmas letters from I must admit to being super excited as I’ve been considering something like this now that Z is of an age that he knows what’s going on.

Their website is super easy to use and you can choose from a letter or a letter with activity pack:


Included in the letter price for a limited time only is the ‘Nice Child Certificate’ usually priced at £2.95. That’s got to be worth it’s weight in gold for 2015 hasn’t it?!

The letters are all personalised and the one I chose for Zachary was perfect, it included exactly how old he’ll be (4 1/4), what he wants for Xmas, where he lives and even mentions his best friends name. The extra part I love is the ps bit on the bottom where you can put anything extra that you want them to continue with (ours was keeping our trousers dry!)

The other letter I ordered was baby’s first christmas letter which I think is a lovely keepsake and could also be a lovely present you could order as godparent, grandparent, friend etc. It will definitely be something we hold on to.

Ran by a husband and wife team this is a really lovely family site and you can see Nicola has really thought about how to capture a child’s imagination talking about the reindeers, elves, santos coat etc. You can even include what the children left out for Santa last year 🙂

Priced at £6.95 or £7.95 with the activity pack I think this is a great buy.

Why not go and have a look for yourself?

Nb. I was sent these letters free of charge but all thoughts are my honest opinions.

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