Christmas Lights in London

I’m still delighted that I got featured picture on Point+Shoot a couple of weeks ago so for those of you that missed it go and visit now here.

I’m in the Christmassy spirit now so this weeks Point + Shoot with You Baby Me Mummy and Snowing Indoors is….

Yes – you’ve guessed it, a Christmas Pic at Harrods, London 🙂

Going up to London in the winter when its cold and all the Christmas lights are on really puts you in the mood. Take a walk apst Harrods windows, then pop up to Oxford Street and view the gorgeous lights there. Stroll down Regent Street and stop in at Hamleys and then why not get a bite to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. What a perfect kiddie day out 🙂


You Baby Me Mummy

Happy Days Half Term – What did you do??

Phew what a busy week!
Being half term and having to work mon – wed put me in a right downer of a mood. I felt so guilty having to leave, Zachy especially, in childcare and was determined to make the most of our days together so here goes:

Out & About
On Thursday we got up early and jumped on a train to London. We were off to Hamleys for a blogger event to look at a new kids bathtime range: Kids Stuff Crazy range.
It really is a crazy fun range! They have all sorts from foaming soap to colour changing bubble bath with finger puppet toppers and loads of cool gift packs including monkey sponges, bath crayons, mirrors and books all for use in the bath. I can’t wait for these to arrive and will write up a full post about these once we have had a crazy bath 🙂 The team are lovely and have really put a lot of thought and research into how to make bathtime fun for the little monkeys and are keen to share ways for this to happen if your child isn’t keen on it.
Zach had a whale (!!! sorry!!! ) of a time, he got his face painted as a tiger and got stuck into the foam soap which smells gorgeous and can be moulded into all sorts of shapes:
craxy 4

After this we went down to the Tower of London to see the poppies, although it was super busy it was very moving and Zach really understood what they represented which was nice. He ended up with 2 poppies and a poppy band 🙂


Obviously Friday was all about Halloween and after a busy morning visit from a play mate where they made bats and pumpkins (later these went in the window) we went to the local church party which was entitled the Brave and the Bold so didn’t celebrate Halloween for obvious reasons! Lots of fun was had here with cress head making, games and tea and on the way home we did a little bit of trick and treating, first time for Zachy so he was sooo excited when he got a sweet at each house!


Fun at Home

From the aforementioned bat and pumpkin making we also had some yummy sit down all together dinners this weekend that doesn’t happen during the week, Flo is doing really well and eats what we all have and its so nice to put her in a booster rather than in her highchair so she can join in. They both had some great play time with the Early Learning Centre house which shows what a great range their Happyland stuff is for across a range of ages.


Time for me/My happiest Moment/This week

I managed to veg out on Saturday and Sunday evening with a bottle of wine and X Factor. This week I really want to make more time for my blogging. A great start to that this morning as I’ve just found out that I’ve won a ticket to Blogfest this weekend! Woohoo! I’m so excited to see all the speakers, learn lots and meet lots of you guys there so pleeeeease give me a shout as a I’m a bit nervous being a newbie 🙂

Look forward to filling you all in soon…

What Katy Said

Farmer Copley’s, Yorkshire

Apologies for my tardiness in posting on here as we had a rather busy week last week. It included having to go to work, a restaurant review, long drive up north, pumpkins, tapas, a broken toe and a long wait in a & e! Anyway let me tell you what we got up to for Halloween in Yorkshire 🙂

Driving with Kids

So as i said we had a 4 hour drive up to Aunite Liz & Uncle Paul this week, I drive up with the children on a Wednesday or Thursday and Mr Kath joins on a Friday evening via train. Now the first time I did this with Flo she was only 6 months or so and she screamed constantly for the last hour so that was fun! I had my fingers crossed this didnt happen again! I packed toys for the back of the car, the dvd player for Z even though he didnt bother with it and plenty of snacks, drinks and sweets. Well I was pleasantly surprised, my little treasures sat nicely until we got about half way where we stopped for a wee wee and a cheeky ‘Old Macdonalds’ and then carried on our way – I even got to have the radio on till that point and managed to persuade Z to have a Disney CD on so we could both sing along. It was one of the best car journeys ever and the fact we hit no traffic was even better!

Family Outing

We visited Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Farm in Pontefract this week. I’m sure you get the idea – you pick your own pumpkin, carve it there and then, or take it home. We decided to carve one there and then to leave with Auntie and keep one to take home for Halloween. Z did really well with the little carve set they give you which comprises a little saw, scoop and scraper (£2).photo 3

 photo 1 photo 2photo 1 (1)

As well as the fun in picking your own pumpkin there was tractor/train ride, duck racing and story time:


photo 1 (2)photo 4

Additionally there was a ride on pumpkin like a bucking bronco plus hay bales to climb and a lovely (but not cheap) farm shop. All the extras are around £1 a go plus the cost of your pumpkins but at a cost of nothing to get in it’s a fairly cheap family day out.


We ate in Qubanas in Wakefield which is a lovely Tapas restaurant. At lunch time they do a 3 tapas for £7 – how can you go wrong?! Accompanied by a gorgeous cold white Pinot Grigio it was a welcome rest after the madness of pumpkins! Outside are fountains which kept Z entertained and in the end, soaked, for hours!

photo 5


Super Busy Mum