2015 Challenges

So its Day 11 of 2015. Happy New Year!

I took a break over Christmas as it was manic here but also – not meaning to offend any of you but I couldn’t read anymore about trees, elves, presents etc. I was boring myself with it and refused to do the same to you!

So now the new years here, I have a family wedding to look forward to in May and refuse to be the fat relative. So what are you going to do about it?! I hear you cry.

So far so good, I have completed 2 fast days today on the 5:2 diet. It is a tough one to get into the mindset of this as on 2 days of the week you only have 500 calories which basically means you only have dinner. The longer you fast for the better the benefits are. I did this shortly after having Flo (who is now 15 months) and lost a good 1 stone 1/2. Now I haven’t put it all back on but I would feel amazing if I lost 2 stone before May so that’s the aim. Slow and steady 2 lbs a week with the hope it will come off and stay off.

I’ve also jumped on a January band wagon – no, not dry January – are you crazy?! A glass of wine is the only thing that keeps me sane and that I treat myself to once the kiddie winks have gone to bed. I’m doing the 30 day ab and squat challenge. Day 8 is the toughest so far and I was super glad of the rest day on Day 9.


Lastly I’ve booked into Race for Life in Victoria Park in London this June for a 10k. Just praying I can get some Physio on my broken toe so I can actually get some running in again.

So watch this space ! – I intend to be a skinny minnie by summer!

What challenges have you set your self in 2015?


Photo courtesy of http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/