Blogfest : lonely or friendly ?

So interesting reading a lot of #blogfest posts which gives a range of different points of view. This was my first bloggers conference and I went on my own. I had fancied going but having been relatively new to the blogging community and not having £95 spare I had to rule it out but then I was super lucky and won a ticket the week before.IMG_4727

I won’t write an in depth post about the sessions as plenty far better writers have already done this so you can catch up with them instead. My overview of the day was that I was glad I went as although I was super nervous I had a stern talking to myself and walked in with bags of courage fired up to talk to people I recognised.

I managed to introduce myself to Aby and Em from You Baby Me Mummy and Snowing Indoors, Katy and Jenna from whatkatysaid and tiny footsteps – Are you sensing a theme? These guys are all linkup hosts. You feel you know people better when you are interacting regularly. Although I entered the sessions by myself a lot of the bloggers I sat next to, behind etc chatted away. I read someone’s post who said the lunch hour dragged and they ended up stood in the corner by themselves – perhaps Mumsnet ought to have a first time blogger meet corner to give the first timers/new bloggers/single bloggers a meet point and a bit of comfort?

I enjoyed walking round the sponsors, had a good chat with the Coca-Cola guys who were all super friendly and knowledgable and had a gorgeous stand!IMG_4719

I bumped in to Katy from Hurrahfor gin and Katy from ehbahmum (who was super brave being on stage for one of the sessions) and Stephie from Dontbuyherflowers – all by the mulled wine stand I might add 😉

I must fess up to leaving early and not seeing the keynote as I had to get back for my sons first ever fireworks display but I was glad I went. Would I say all the sessions were great? Probably not, some were a bit yawn fest but then others found them profound so it really does depend on your thing. My favourite was the how to find your funny as it had  my favs Rebecca Front and Arabella Weir and introduced me to Katy (above eh bah mum), Jon Ronson and Elaine Miller from GussieGrips but I didn’t come away with loads of new ideas I just enjoyed it.


There was no knocking the amazing goodie bag which was full to the brim. So the question is would I go again? Right now Im not sure. From a networking opportunity yes, from a content of the sessions point of view Im not so sure…

Ask me again next year!