Guilty. Why are we always guilty?

I’ve been so quiet on my blog recently….

Let me explain. (without trying to whinge!)

The last 2 weeks have been a tough one. My childcare regime has been turned upside down and we now don’t have a nanny anymore, (it was a share – I’m not that posh/rich! Lol) when she was here it meant I could leave the house at 8am on my workdays with the kids in any state (dressed/undressed, eaten/not eaten etc) This changed for one reason or another and now Mon – Wed are manic!

Our routine now consists of getting up, dressed and out by 7.30, dropping off my eldest at a friends and my youngest at nursery. Is she cross or is she cross?! Crumbs the last 2 weeks have been emosh, to come and find your 16 month clinging to the baby gate looking super sad sticks in your mind and you start wondering if you’re a bad mummy.

You try and rationalise with yourself, lots of parents leave their kids, YOU left your eldest kid when he was even younger than her but it still hurts and still leaves you feeling down. Why is being a parent so guilt tripy all the time?!

So my real question here is WHY do we always feel so guilty?!

We feel guilty for not spending time with our kids

We feel guilty for only allowing our kids to spend time with us!

We feel guilty for not taking them to groups

We feel guilty for side lining them coz of their siblings

We feel guilty for going to work

We feel guilty for not being crafty enough

We feel guilty for not doing more baking

Are we put in to this mentality from day one?

Guilty for not breast feeding long enough (if at all)

Guilty for not bonding quick enough

Guilty for finding it hard?!

It seems we are doomed from the start on a never ending cycle of not being good enough. Not being a super mum.

Well peeps. It’s stops here!

You are great, you are the best and you are doing the best you can do with the funds and time you have.

I feel bad this week for putting my baby in nursery but I know she will be super sociable for being there and that will give her a good footing for the future, on the flip side if your little ones are at home they are receiving fantastical time with their mummy or daddy and that will also give them fantastical qualities for their independant lives. Ultimately we all do the best we can with what we are given, so let’s stop feeling guilty all the time and just enjoy them! Coz before we know it they’ll be our age asking themselves the same questions.


Delights Week 1

I’ve decided to try and write a series of posts entitled Delights. My lovely Blog colleagues, Katy & Jenna run a linky called Happy Days which I try to link up with of a similar ilk seen as there are many things that are a struggle week on week its important to make note of the good things. I have great intentions to link this up religiously so here goes 🙂

So what delights have we had this week?


After two fast days this week on Monday & Wednesday there had to be a treat on Thursday. (Weigh in post coming soon) And no before you ask it doesn’t mean all my hard work was for nothing as the benefits of the fasting fat burn has already been done 🙂 I took my inspiration from a favourite M&S food to go option I like to have which is pulled pork bun. I bought some freshly baked Ciabatta and added pulled pork, Creamy coleslaw and pickles, hummmmmmmmmmmm…

Pulled pork sandwich


This week I have managed to see 3 of my besties – you may of seen one of them on our abs & squats video post after a couple of vinos. Very funny! I also got to go to another friends baby shower yesterday which was beautifully done, you can see the pictures on my Instagram.


My eldest was super brave this week when he had to have his blister popped on his hand by the nurse as he had got an infection. Not really a delight but I was so proud of him. He was inconsolable initially but has taken his medicine religiously with no battles and had his second skin dressing changed daily with no upsets.


Today we are spending the day at home playing games and having a sit down family roast dinner. Love these days 🙂

What Katy Said

Please can I have some more sleep??

So my 4 year old has had a clock in his bedroom for a while now. I decided to get one when he started getting up at 5.30 am because he didn’t know if it was morning or not. It was a basic design and basically the light went out when he could get up. Needless to say it devoured batteries and if you didn’t click it back on when we tucked him in then it wouldn’t be on and we would be awakened again at 5.30. Not the ideal solution.

With all this going on I looked at different options and found the Gro Clock. Made by the ‘Gro’ company of which a lot of you will of heard of with their sleep bag range and portable black out blinds, I knew it would be a quality bit of kit.
The premise is if the suns on the dial you can get up and if its stars it’s still night time. Throughout the night the small stars tick down around the big star which you could explain to your LO if you wanted to.
It comes with a fab story book about a lazy pig who doesn’t sleep which is perfect in explaining why its important to sleep and the concept of getting up once the sun is on the dial.

The best bits for me?

  • It plugs in!! No need for hundreds of batteries!
  • It’s a fun way to explain night time.
  • It’s bright enough to be used as a night-light.
  • I get more sleep time!!

See the Gro clock and the rest of the range from the Gro company here:


nb: I was sent this product to review but all opinions are truthful and my own.



Crazy Kids!

So as I mentioned in my half term post, Zachy and I went to London to meet with the lovely peeps from Kids Stuff Crazy and had a lovely time at Hamleys.

We were super lucky to receive a lovely box of goodies through the post in an already favoured pirate box to test out.


Included in our kit was:

  • Body Paint – Blue & Red (RRP £2.50)
  • Colour changing bubble bath. (RRP £2.50) One changes in the bath and one when you shake it in the bottle to teach children what two colours make another.
  • Sparkling bubble bath (RRP £2.50)
  • Foaming green soap (RRP £2.00)
  • Colouring book & crayons for bath time (RRP £5.00)

The company also makes nice gift sets of crayons and a mirror, soap and animal sponges and fizzy bath tints. You can see their full range on their website and many Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Boots and more are stocking them.

My advice?

I could fill you full of facts and figures about how many kids like bath time, how much time we spend doing it etc but I don’t feel like this post needs many words because as you can see from the pictures it all went down a treat with Z. He was particularly amazed that the bubble bath changed colour as it went in the water and looooooooooved the foaming soap.

My own personal reservations are that the foamy soap doesnt last long (but then again if you were strickter than me it would!), the body paint doesn’t lather overly well really but overall at least their having fun and getting clean and lets be honest if he’s happy I’m happy! (although I cant say the same for my bath at the end of it all!)

 bathbath 2bath1


Would I buy it?

Yes, I think its a great novelty item, perfect for xmas stocking fillers and for fun gifts for birthdays.


Family Fever


This weeks point and shoot is a special one as my photo is feature of the week!! Whoop whoop! Thanks guys! Its hosted by the lovely You Baby Me Mummy and Snowing Indoors

This week there were lots of things going on ranging from fireworks, baking, and the over blogged #blogfest 😉 Dont worry im still going to post one too 🙂

This is by far my fav picture this week, it came from reviewing some fab products from Kids Stuff Crazy and letting Z go wild in the bath. I popped to get a towel and this is what I found on my return…..



You Baby Me Mummy

If you want something doing properly, do it yourself!

I’m constantly moaning about the lack of help around the house and how I have to work, clean, cook, shop, school run, wash etc all by myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably best.

What?! I hear you screaming at me, but seriously if the other half does anything I usually spend as much time doing it again, rectifying it or finishing it off as he hasn’t done it properly. Examples:

1) Food shopping:

Yes I wrote an in depth list of everything we needed from the supermarket, I even wrote it in order of the supermarket layout – no excuses right..? WRONG! We ended up with no wine, I mean really?! The rubbish wipes were your finger goes through it just as you reach a huge piece of poo! The wrong cleaning product, ie a spray not a cream cleaner. The smallest box of tea bags that will probably last for a week, I could go on.  So I sent him back. The wine came back, phew but the wipes didn’t. Third time lucky! I gave up and asked him to drive us all to the supermarket and get the right and rest of the stuff. This by the way took a whole day with an initial 2 hour shop to start with.

2) Put the washing on

Silly silly. The whites in with the colours, in with the darks etc etc. Then when pegged on the line it was in such a way that lumps of it didn’t dry so needed turning and left out for another few hours.

3) Making dinner

Using every pot, pan, implement in the kitchen and looking like a bomb has hit it afterwards but being very proud of his creation, which I do concede is usually yummy so therefore the ends justifies the means.

4) Tidying up dinner (rarely and only if said other half hasn’t cooked it)

Half the stuff left on the side, pans left to soak and the surfaces not wiped down.

5) Hoovering

Taking half an hour to Hoover one tiny piece of carpet rather than whizz ing round. Leaving all the crumbs/rice cake bits that escape to the edges of the room there because the hosey bit wasn’t used/I didn’t know it was there/how to use it…

Now I know you all think I sound like a moany whatnot or a dragon and I should be grateful for the help offered but really should I?!

I actually wonder if he does these things badly so he doesn’t have to do them again…

I can only resort back to quotes that have been passed down through generations ‘if you want something doing properly, do it yourself’

Seriously, there must be others out there that have the same problems. Nope? Oh, I’ll just go and take my bitch hat off!

Happy Days Half Term – What did you do??

Phew what a busy week!
Being half term and having to work mon – wed put me in a right downer of a mood. I felt so guilty having to leave, Zachy especially, in childcare and was determined to make the most of our days together so here goes:

Out & About
On Thursday we got up early and jumped on a train to London. We were off to Hamleys for a blogger event to look at a new kids bathtime range: Kids Stuff Crazy range.
It really is a crazy fun range! They have all sorts from foaming soap to colour changing bubble bath with finger puppet toppers and loads of cool gift packs including monkey sponges, bath crayons, mirrors and books all for use in the bath. I can’t wait for these to arrive and will write up a full post about these once we have had a crazy bath 🙂 The team are lovely and have really put a lot of thought and research into how to make bathtime fun for the little monkeys and are keen to share ways for this to happen if your child isn’t keen on it.
Zach had a whale (!!! sorry!!! ) of a time, he got his face painted as a tiger and got stuck into the foam soap which smells gorgeous and can be moulded into all sorts of shapes:
craxy 4

After this we went down to the Tower of London to see the poppies, although it was super busy it was very moving and Zach really understood what they represented which was nice. He ended up with 2 poppies and a poppy band 🙂


Obviously Friday was all about Halloween and after a busy morning visit from a play mate where they made bats and pumpkins (later these went in the window) we went to the local church party which was entitled the Brave and the Bold so didn’t celebrate Halloween for obvious reasons! Lots of fun was had here with cress head making, games and tea and on the way home we did a little bit of trick and treating, first time for Zachy so he was sooo excited when he got a sweet at each house!


Fun at Home

From the aforementioned bat and pumpkin making we also had some yummy sit down all together dinners this weekend that doesn’t happen during the week, Flo is doing really well and eats what we all have and its so nice to put her in a booster rather than in her highchair so she can join in. They both had some great play time with the Early Learning Centre house which shows what a great range their Happyland stuff is for across a range of ages.


Time for me/My happiest Moment/This week

I managed to veg out on Saturday and Sunday evening with a bottle of wine and X Factor. This week I really want to make more time for my blogging. A great start to that this morning as I’ve just found out that I’ve won a ticket to Blogfest this weekend! Woohoo! I’m so excited to see all the speakers, learn lots and meet lots of you guys there so pleeeeease give me a shout as a I’m a bit nervous being a newbie 🙂

Look forward to filling you all in soon…

What Katy Said

Home-made Chicken Escalopes

So I thought I would try and out up a new recipe that I enjoy making for my family on a weekly basis. I’ll be linking up too so I’ll look out for any of yours too!

This week:


3 chicken breasts

2 slices of bread

2 eggs



Grab a rolling pin and cover each breast with some cling film and gently bash each piece till flat.


Dip each one in the flour, egg then breadcrumbs.


Place on a tray and bake in the oven at 190c for about 20 mins (check in the middle to make sure cooked as will depend how big your breasts are! Ooooeeeerrr!)

Serve with veg, rice/mash/chips etc.

Easy peasy and you have peace of mind that it’s nice chicken rather than the reformed stuff you get in shop bought ones.

My eldest loves making these with me, especially the bashing and dipping parts 🙂

I need help now as I have some homegrown chilies I need to use – anyone got any suggestions??


What recipes have you done this week?



Survival Tips for Flying with children!

As you know I have recently returned from a long haul flight and I was super anxious about getting on board for 8 hours with a 1 year old and a 4 year old – surprisingly it went rather well!! With this in mind I thought I’d share with you my top tips 🙂

Top Tips

1) If you’re going long haul fly with a reputable company (see my earlier post – BA all the way!)

They are professionals and have a certain standard that they adhere to which makes your life easier.

2) Book the bassinet area (if you have a small child) well in advance.

I happened to call BA to ask about something else once I had booked my holiday and was advised I could book my seats at no extra charge well in advance as I was travelling with an infant.

I had no idea and several couples I met on the plane had no idea either, they had waited to book this once the seats were free for everyone to book and missed out. I was concerned Flo wouldn’t fit in the moses basket they give you but they also have a bouncy chair type seat she used that went from sitting up to lying down (great for feeding and sleeping)

3) Separate your family!

I took Flo on the way out and Mr Kath took Zachy and then on the way home we swapped. It meant both children had the full attention of one parent each rather than the ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’ which way do I turn now stress that usually entails!

4) Take plenty of food!

I had milk, pouches and plenty of snacks in the way of rice cakes and sweetcorn rings for Flo. Zachy had crisps, sweets, lollipops, chocolate and a sandwich packed! Call me a bad mother but I’m all for making my life easier and that of other passengers…!

5) Take plenty of toys!

I had a couple of not too annoying musical things for Flo, book and a dolly, these all fit in to Zachy’s pull along planes bag which made him feel super important 🙂 I had purchased a new dinosaur package inc 2 sticker books and 2 colouring books plus he had my Ipad and all the films and TV on the plane which going out was great.

6) Upgrade!

I know this is easier said than done but on our return we had a night flight and it cost about £200 extra to go into world traveller plus (equiv premium economy) it meant wider seats and extra leg room with footstools etc. We all managed to sleep on the way home so was well worth the investment. We were even luckier that this area wasnt very busy on the way home so Flo got her own chair next to Daddy!

flo f

7) Take them for a walk

Carry up and down the plane when you can so they have a change of scenery.

8) Rock them off to sleep

If you have them on your lap, save all the other unsuspecting people around you. Even with a baby of my own I started to go insane last time when it took till the end of the flight for the mummy to realise she could ‘bob’ off her child to sleep!

Good luck!



Super Busy Mum