Let’s use our libraries…

imageSo one of Zachy and mines new weekly trips is to our local library in Hayes. As well as lending books, audio etc they also run a lovely bumps and babies group on a Tuesday which is a great way to meet other parents and have a break from the norm. Plus chatterbooks, stay’n’play and books aloud groups. (See their website link above for more info)
It’s a gorgeous building set in some nice green gardens with tennis courts where we have been for an Easter egg hunt ran by our local West Wickham NCT group and his preschool have been for a teddy bears picnic.
As a lot of us know our libraries are under threat and it’s a very much use them or loose them philosophy that we need to adopt. As many of Zachys friends have gone off to ‘big school’ this September he feels a little left behind, to be honest he would be ready for an Easter intake if they still did that these days so I felt he needed some extra stimulation. We have decided to visit our library every Thursday after preschool as it’s on our way home and get out two books of his choice (with a little guidance :)) This has many benefits including giving him some control, some fresh reading and amongst others saves our already overflowing bookshelfs which consists of lots of peppa, Thomas, mr men and until recently ‘that’s not my’ books of which the latter have moved next door to Flo’s room although still walk back!

We took an easy and reliable Peppa Pig book the first week. Just this last week, one stage 1 reading book – ‘the sad princess’ which encourages reading with short sentences and short words and another ‘the magic porridge pot’ (my fav as it turns out!) which is for children who can read basic sentences.
Another exciting part for Zachary, as if picking books isn’t enough, is taking it to the counter with his special card and having a chat with our super friendly librarians 🙂

I’m really looking forward to continuing this with Zachy as I always found visiting my library as a child super exciting!
Do you have any recommendations for this stage of learning as it’s all new to us? 🙂

Also just to note I didn’t feel the need to ask is it wine o’clock yet after our library visit 😉