Guilty. Why are we always guilty?

I’ve been so quiet on my blog recently….

Let me explain. (without trying to whinge!)

The last 2 weeks have been a tough one. My childcare regime has been turned upside down and we now don’t have a nanny anymore, (it was a share – I’m not that posh/rich! Lol) when she was here it meant I could leave the house at 8am on my workdays with the kids in any state (dressed/undressed, eaten/not eaten etc) This changed for one reason or another and now Mon – Wed are manic!

Our routine now consists of getting up, dressed and out by 7.30, dropping off my eldest at a friends and my youngest at nursery. Is she cross or is she cross?! Crumbs the last 2 weeks have been emosh, to come and find your 16 month clinging to the baby gate looking super sad sticks in your mind and you start wondering if you’re a bad mummy.

You try and rationalise with yourself, lots of parents leave their kids, YOU left your eldest kid when he was even younger than her but it still hurts and still leaves you feeling down. Why is being a parent so guilt tripy all the time?!

So my real question here is WHY do we always feel so guilty?!

We feel guilty for not spending time with our kids

We feel guilty for only allowing our kids to spend time with us!

We feel guilty for not taking them to groups

We feel guilty for side lining them coz of their siblings

We feel guilty for going to work

We feel guilty for not being crafty enough

We feel guilty for not doing more baking

Are we put in to this mentality from day one?

Guilty for not breast feeding long enough (if at all)

Guilty for not bonding quick enough

Guilty for finding it hard?!

It seems we are doomed from the start on a never ending cycle of not being good enough. Not being a super mum.

Well peeps. It’s stops here!

You are great, you are the best and you are doing the best you can do with the funds and time you have.

I feel bad this week for putting my baby in nursery but I know she will be super sociable for being there and that will give her a good footing for the future, on the flip side if your little ones are at home they are receiving fantastical time with their mummy or daddy and that will also give them fantastical qualities for their independant lives. Ultimately we all do the best we can with what we are given, so let’s stop feeling guilty all the time and just enjoy them! Coz before we know it they’ll be our age asking themselves the same questions.