This little beauty has been a game changer…

Do you always struggle to print things off for the kids homework?

Have piles of photos that lie in a cloud of digital space somewhere?

Desperate to find things to keep the kids occupied?

I have the answer! I was very lucky to receive a beautiful new Epson printer this summer and I didn’t want to write another normal blog until I realised how much this lovely little piece of tech has helped me in my daily life…


For those of you that don’t know my little boy has just gone into Year 1 this September and the homework has ramped up big time and it involves picking a task to complete each week out of 10 tasks included in their homework book. Most of these involve things like, put a picture of your favorite place in your book and tell us why its your favorite place or put in a picture of you now and when you were a baby and tell us 5 differences. Just a few examples… Well! This little beautiful bit of kit means I can pull it out the cupboard and pop it on the dining table. Within two seconds it is on and ready for action having been set linked into my wifi previously. I purchased some photo paper from the pound shop, downloaded the Epson app on my phone and iPad and away I went. It’s so simple even a technophobe like me can manage it! I select the photo button in the app, select which one I want and press print and voila its done! And the quality that it prints out is fab.!

The difference between this printer and others is that I don’t have to worry about ink. This is because it doesn’t use the traditional cartridges that cost £50-£100 a pop. It uses squeezy bottles of ink that you squeeze into the relevant pots and is said to last approximately 2 years! So even though it is more expensive on the initial outlay the ink replacement means its a no brainer as far as cost is concerned.

Not only have we managed to complete homework, it also means I can print off colouring in pics for my 3 year old and other highly coloured arts and crafts for her to do like the Finding Dory crafts we completed over the summer holidays which included ‘Dorygami’ and fun props on sticks like you use for selfies.

Additionally it scans and copies and then puts away neatly wherever you want it until next time. I honestly can say its been a game changer in our house. Check it out : Epson EcoTank ET-2550