Give me a break at Xmas

Happy new Year!

So I’ve been on the missing list and taking a break from my blog, hope you all had as fab a xmas as I did. At the age of 5 and 2 Xmas is turning into a very exciting time in my house and for the forseeable I can only hope that will get even better.

One of the main reasons for me taking a break in December was the amount of pressure put on us parent/blog writers to do arts, crafts, magic elves, xmas eve boxes, santa visits etc etc and as much as admire you all for all your hard work I felt the need not to be judged over the holiday period with how much (or little!) I actually did.!

I’m not saying we didn’t do anything festive but as you may of read in my earlier post I just can’t abide the elf on the shelf. Now I get it if it’s fun etc but all these people picturing their elf drinking wine, making a mess etc well I won’t go on…

So whilst I put my grinch mask down…

We had an elf door for the first time this year. Z loved the fact that their letters to Santa were whizzed off with his ‘lease’ agreement.

IMG_4125 IMG_4250

We went to our local Xmas lights turn on and supported the local scouts, schools etc with all their stalls.

We visited our schools xmas fair and meet Santa and went snow boarding. Luckily we saw the big man there as we got chicken pox on the day of our official visit 😦

IMG_4142 IMG_4143

We were very proud of Zachary being the kind InnKeeper in his Xmas play.


We enjoyed dressing up and being silly with lots of Xmassy props.

IMG_4394 IMG_4387


We left our stockings and treats for Santa out.

IMG_4356 IMG_4355

Mummy even had some fun at her Xmas party and with friends.

IMG_4304 IMG_4329

Then Xmas day was the best!

IMG_4361 IMG_4362

Lets see what 2016 can bring!

The countdown begins…

Well here it is. Christmas is coming! Now its nice and cold and I have my woolly scarf on I’m well and truly on the run down to Christmas 🙂

Certain traditions have to be followed in our house – some I like and others I don’t!
1) Christmas Presents. These have to be found!  Under the stairs, in the loft, back of wardrobes and even stashed at Grandmas and once again surprise yourself with the amount of stuff you’ve actually managed to squirrel away over the year and realise you have completely overdone it with tut!

2) Christmas cakes for everyone who asks! I have in total completed 3 and have the next lot of fruit steeping as we speak. This is my Christmas Cake Recipe for you.

3) Christmas Tree. We aren’t allowed (!!!) to put this up until 12 days before xmas, insisted by my other half, although I usually manage to wangle a bit longer due to how the weekends fall. I’m hoping for the 7th December this year but it may still be the 14th – boo 😦

4) Xmas PJ’s. Purchased to be worn on Xmas Eve. These are Flo’s and I have Z’s tucked away from last year.


5) Santas Grotto. We have a lovely grotto near us at Ruxley Garden Centre where the kids get to walk through the elf village, make a card, make reindeer food then meet Santa. I’ve also booked ice skating for Zachy and Daddy after so should be a magical day.

6) Elf. We downloaded elf app last year of which the name escapes me and I can’t find so may have to come back to you but it was brilliant. The elf would pop out from behind any static object in your house that you pre film and position the siad Elf next to. It was magical.

7) Cookies for Santa. We bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve to leave out. Again another debate I’ve been having with myself is whether to get a personalised plate…

7) Christmas Parties. Not that I’m complaining about an opportunity out with my friends but usually this means by the time I’ve done the 2 or 3 sets of friends plus the work one I’m done with partying. The other downer is that it generally means that commencing next week I won’t see the other half till Xmas Day! (or that’s how it feels 🙂 )

New Traditions

I have Santa letters this year that I received from Lapland mailroom. You can read my post about it here. I’m really looking forward to Zachary getting his this year and seeing his face when we read it together.

I really want Zachy to write a letter to Santa this year so the above comes almost as a response.

I’ve been considering doing a Xmas box for Xmas Eve so I may make one this year. I’ll include the aforementioned pyjamas, a Christmas book, Christmas film and maybe one early present – perhaps you could let me know what you all put in yours if you do them?