Weight Loss Wednesday with 5 : 2

So I have been a little demotivated this week 😦

I’ll start at the beginning!

Last Monday I was on a high, I lost 4 1/4 lbs on my first week of the 5:2 diet and marched in to my Monday fast day triumphantly. I did the same on Wednesday only having miso soup (20 cals) at lunchtime and a diet coke in the afternoon.

An excellent tip I picked up was to have a large bottle of fizzy water with me (I do my days when I’m at work) and whenever I felt hungry I had a glass and it really worked a treat.

I also discovered M&S balanced for you range and had a Lamb Moussaka for only 280 calories with some steamed vegetables on Monday and a piece of Salmon and steamed veg on Wednesday.

I weighed in on Monday morning as usual full of expectation and found……

I’d lost NOTHING!!!!

So where do we go from here??

I must admit I went off to work this Monday with my head down and ready to scoff a cream cake! During the morning I found out that it was typically the most depressing day of the year nicknamed ‘Blue Monday’. Now whether this is another marketing trick to encourage holiday booking or whether this is generally true it actually cheered me up to know I wasn’t the only one feeling crap.

So lunchtime came and I’m pleased to say my willpower won out and I stuck to my miso soup and diet coke. For dinner was Salmon and roasted vegetables. Today I have managed to do the same and tucked into another M&S Lamb Moussaka whilst the other half had a chicken, mushroom pie at only 316 calories with steamed vegetables.

For an evening treat on fast days I like a Options hot chocolate at only 40 calories, it seems to curb the craving for something sweet.

I looked back over my week last week once I had calmed down and if I’m really honest with myself I drank too much wine and had a few too many treats on non fast days so my resolution for this week is to be good, ok better, on my non fast days from tomorrow.

On another plus I have maintained my abs and squat challenge as per last week and am now on day 21. There must be abs under there by now?!

If you haven’t seen the video I made of my friend Natty showing you how to do these properly (after a few glasses of aforementioned vino!) then you can check it out here: http://youtu.be/XlxlVvQUFU4

How have you all got on this week? I’m looking forward to catching up with you on Weight Loss Wednesday.

Kath x

 The Musing Housewife